Balloon & Confetti Events

FX & Lighting

BBE & TCC offers a range of special effect and lighting options to accent your event decor.


Add a special touch to your Pipe and Drape installation or Cryo Jet launch by adding customized lighting to match your event colors.  We offer par can and LED lighting to provide the perfect lighting effect to enhance your decor.

Specialty Lighting

Our specialty lighting options give you a spectrum of choices for more intimate events.  Our small tea, globe, and LED table lights are a perfect addition to the ambiance. Strobe and search lights are a perfect way to draw attention to your outdoor or indoor events.  Battery operated lighting is also available for events, where a power source is not readily available.

Water Features

Water effects are a dramatic accent to your next event. Water geysers create a jet of water that shoots high into the air and turns into tiny droplets as it comes back down to the ground. Water cannons replicate the effect of an explosion in water.  There are several effect size options available depending on your desired “WOW!” effect.  Our cannons can be fully submerged and recharge quickly for multiple blasts.

Fog, Haze, & Steam Features

Our fog, haze, and steam features add a dramatic flair to your stage show or venue.  We offer adjustable output fog and haze systems, low smoke generators, and steam effects with manual, DMX, analog and show control options.

Bubble & Foam Features

Our portable bubble machine creates hundreds of bubbles a minute, using 1 liter of fluid an hour.  It’s the perfect way to create a unique stage effect or entrance to your next event.

Foam machines provide a different event experience for your club, show or next event.  Our machines will generate large amounts of foam to cover a dance floor and we can also provide the DJ, who will have your guests dancing well into the night.