Balloon & Confetti Events


BBE & TCC works with Production Managers and Event Planner to assure the perfect “Wow!” effect for large scale events including: concerts, television, films, sports teams, corporate events and parades.  We also offer specialty service for smaller events such as birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.  We can bring your event concept to the next level with custom imprinted confetti and streamers. We offer state-of-the-art equipment for rental or purchase, bulk confetti, streamers and other supplies for a perfect launch. If you are in the event production industry, please contact us and ask for the industry rates.

Confetti, Streamers & Puffballs

We offer a range of colors, sizes, shapes and custom imprinting options to fit your event theme or desired effect. Our high quality cut biodegradable and flame retardant tissue confetti and streamers are made in the USA. Metallic cut confetti and streamers are fire retardant although not biodegradable and are made in the USA using high quality Mylar or PVC sheets.  We recommend for indoor venues and away from electrical sources as it can conduct electricity. Our water-soluble confetti is biodegradable and is not fire retardant.  This is perfect option to use around water as it dissolves easily and is rinsed away with water.  We offer assorted colors. Our puffballs and other soft items are also available and a unique option to traditional confetti.

Continuous Flow Confetti Gerbs

3” and 6” continuous flow confetti launchers are manually calibrated to launch a pound or less of confetti per second and can be used for multiple shots from various floor locations.

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Mega Cannons and Double Barrel Launchers

Mega cannons and double barrel launchers are designed to shoot confetti or streamers in a single shot.  These launchers are versatile and can be floor mounted, as well as, installed on lighting trusses and catwalks. Learn More

Handheld Launchers & Single Use Confetti Sticks

Our 18”, 30" & 42" handheld single shot confetti launchers will shoot confetti or streamers and provide our clients with flexibility to utilize almost anywhere. We offer 6", 9", 14" and 17" single use confetti flick sticks with a variety of confetti color options.  Event packages available with custom branding. Learn More

Cryo Effects

Cryo Jets  and Cryo Guns shoot siphoned CO2 in the air for multiple shots based on your unique event needs.  There is no flame and color can be added to Cryo Jets by using Par Can or sphere lighting, if desired.

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Confetti Extras

We also offer CO2 cartridges, compression caps and lifting cups and compression paper tape.

Imprinted Confetti & Streamers

BBE & TCC custom imprinted confetti & streamers provide a unique way to brand your event.  For more information see our Custom Branded section.


Our confetti equipment uses compressed gas or CO2 to provide the desired effect.  Please position equipment to allow for a clearance of 10 feet from crowds.  Confetti is launched at a velocity where it has the possibility of causing harm to those in close proximity to the launcher or if the launcher is improperly angled. All of our streamers are secured with tape, which must be removed before loading them into a launcher.