Balloon & Confetti Events


BBE & TCC’s balloon décor is a perfect way to add excitement to your wedding, bat/ bar mitzvah, corporate event, baby shower or special moment you’d like to celebrate.  Our Boston, New York and London offices offer balloon arches, pillars, exploding balloons, sculptures and many other creative options.

Bouquets & Loose Balloons

Balloon bouquets are a nice alternative to flowers for table centerpieces and can liven up a room. Loose balloons soften the look of a ceiling or can fill an office or conference room as an unexpected surprise! Learn More

Mylar & Microfoil Balloons

A vast selection of Mylar & Microfoil balloon options are available for your next party.  Bring your theme to life and turn a space into an undersea adventure, backyard BBQ, luau, pirate adventure and many others. Learn More


Balloon arches highlight the entrance to an event, stage or other feature.  We offer several options to create the desired effect for your event. Learn More

Cupcake & Balloon Bouquet Deliveries

Send one dozen of our favorite cupcakes or half-moon cookies from Lyndell’s Bakery in Boston and 6 signature cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery in New York with a balloon bouquet customized for your special occasion.  A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, administrative professional's day, Mother’s Day, or just to say thank you.  Please provide a 72-hour notice for orders.

Pillars & Pole Clusters

We offer several options for balloon pillars and pole clusters.  They are a great accent for small spaces or to line a wall to add color and interest to an event space.  Balloon pillars can be topped with 3-foot balloons, signs, large Mylar balloons or curly q balloons. Learn More


Balloon drops are a unique and exciting addition to your event creating a ‘WOW!’ for your guests.  Balloons, beach balls or other soft objects can be released at just the right moment. Learn More


Balloon releases offer a way to commemorate a special day, loved one or corporate milestone.  We will release 11inch hand-tied non-metallic latex balloons without a ribbon for environmental reasons.  Our staff is required to confirm airport tower clearance and approval prior to confirming your event.  There is a 250 balloon minimum for Boston, New York and London, contact us for the maximum for a single release based on your location.

Custom Designs

Our balloon design staff creates the perfect touch of elegance and fun for our clients.  Let them design an upscale funky bouquet or centerpiece.  Some of our creations include a pacifier for your baby shower, large balloon flowers, hot air balloons and lit balloons.

Jumbo Balloons & Topiaries

Large, jumbo balloons, and balloon topiaries are an eye-catching way to fill a large venue or make your outdoor event different. Coordinating color collar and ribbons adds whimsy to our jumbo balloon to create dramatic topiary accents. Learn More


Our balloon design staff in Boston, New York & London can create a larger than life balloon sculpture of your company logo or distinctive themed sculpture highlight. Balloon walls, names, holiday shapes and almost anything else you can imagine!

Imprinted Balloons

BBE & TCC custom printed balloons provide a unique way to brand your event.  See our Custom Branded section more information about the options available.

Exploding Balloons

Exploding balloons are a great way to make an entrance and create a unique “WOW!” effect for your event. We offer 3-foot balloons that can be filled with confetti and set to explode on your cue and/ or groups of balloons can also be set off to different cues. Exploding balloon walls create a chic way to reveal a new logo, add drama to a big announcement or a unique way to transition from cocktail hour to dinner.

Longevity & Safety

Balloon longevity is impacted by room temperature, over inflation, static electricity and dust in the air.  Our trained balloon experts will inflate your balloons based on the current weather conditions for outdoor events and take into consideration room temperatures for indoor venues at the time of set-up.  We are not responsible for balloon breakage due to changes in conditions, dusty environment or exposure to static electricity.
Latex Balloon Size Standard Latex, Non-treated* Hi-Float Treated Standard Latex
11” 15+ hours 4+ days
16” 24+ hours 14+ days
3’ 3+ days 4+ weeks
*Note based on being in a climate-controlled room at 65F. Young children and pets could choke or be suffocated by un-inflated or pieces of a balloon. Adults should supervise children under the age of 8 around inflated balloons.  Discard broken balloons right away. Even though helium is non-flammable and a non-toxic product, it is not for human consumption and may cause your lungs to explode, if inhaled. Mylar balloons are known to conduct electrical current. Balloons have been known to set off motion and flame fire sensors, please check with your venue to see if balloons can be used.